Specialists in providing internet services for small businesses

Web Design

What we deliver

Our reputation is based upon building no-nonsense web sites with straightforward designs and clear navigation structures which are optimised for quick loading. Conformance to industry standards, future proofing wherever possible, as well as cross-browser and inter-platform compatibility, and accessibility are key considerations of the web sites we produce.

Our Approach to Website Design

Everything we build is individually designed for each client - we do not use pre-built templates. The first, and most important, part of any project is always to understand exactly what the client needs from their website. We guide our clients painlessly through this process - explaining any options in a jargon-free manner along the way.

Typical design process

1. Define requirements: objectives for the site, target audience, types of content - either meeting face to face, or by telephone/email.
2. Produce high level design and quote for client review.
3. Create prototype of site design (usually home page and one sub-page) for demonstration purposes.
4. Proceed with build of complete site.
5. Design PPC advertising campaign - ad copy, keywords, determine budget.
5. Testing and client review.
6. Go-live: site implementation and final testing.
7. Post go-live: search engine submission, PPC advertising launch.

Ensuring a successful outcome

Our 15 years experience of IT experience means that you may be sure that we operate with the big picture in mind. That means you can rely on us to develop your site for long-term sucess. If you have any questions please contact us.

Our Services

Website design

Professional site designs that clearly convey your key messages without confusing gimmicks are our speciality. All of our sites are individually designed for each client. We work closely with our clients to define requirements, come up with a design that will achieve your objectives, and build a successful website that will drive your online business.

Online advertising campaign management

Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising is the most effective way to generate new business quickly. We are experts in setting up and managing Google AdWords campaigns and have a proven track record of success for small businesses and professionals. Our experience in this field includes managing campaigns for clients offering services as diverse as healthcare, photography, and dance tutoring.

Website updates and upgrades

If your website is in need of bringing up to date, needs new material adding, or even a total redesign then contact us. We'd be pleased to explain how we could assist.

Hosting, domain and email services

We offer reliable UK based website hosting and email services with 24x7 first class support included. In addition, we also purchase, configure and manage domain names on behalf of many of our clients.